Chemisphere Solutions is a member of the CACD (Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors) and each member commits “to taking every practical precaution towards ensuring that products and services do not represent an unacceptable level of risk to its employees, suppliers, customers, the public or the environment.”1 Furthermore, as a member of the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (CACD), we adhere to its Guiding Principles. (link to page provided).

The quality of our products and services is paramount in our operation.

Our staff are professionally trained and certified in First Aid, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and in the use of our equipment and machinery. We employ strict safety standards in the production of all our products and provide ongoing training and development to our operating staff.

The quality of our products and services is paramount in our operation. We provide extensive training to our staff in the blending of our products and for the manufacture of our customers’ proprietary blends. Training, along with management oversight are provided to ensure that our custom products are produced with the attention to detail that ensures the best result every time.

We are able to provide customers with basic quality assurance that we perform in our on-site lab.

Production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requires certification through the American Petroleum Institute. Our DEF meets all of the requirements of ISO 22241. Our in house testing ensures that every litre meets the required standard before it is packaged and shipped to our customers.

1) May 2013 Distribution Code of Practice – Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors Rev. May, 2013